Oreste Venier
My name is Oreste Venier and I was born in Venice, Italy, in 1974. Following my education at the Classical High School, I have studied Physics at Pisa University. After graduation I took a specialization in Medical Physics. Both my thesis works were on Artificial Neural Networks. As an Amateur Radio (I hold an extra class license from the US Federal Communications Commission, N7OV) I became interested in electronics since my youth days, and soon my passion for electronics became my job. Combining theoretical knowledge with a significant practical hands-on experience, I have developed the competence to develop a variety of initial ideas all the way through to obtaining certified products ready to be sold and employed by the final users. In particular, this process includes the selection of the components, PCB design, firmware development, products manufacturing and testing, and to take part to their final certification. I am a member of IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, since 1999. I am a Rotary member and in my spare time I enjoy playing classical piano. For more information feel free to send me an email: oreste at drovenier dot it